How to Make House Cleaning Fun 

Cleaning the house is not fun. But have you thought of making it enjoyable and not annoying? You may be amazed how enjoyable house chores could be if you follow the tips below.  


  1. Turn Cleaning into a Game 

Aside from turning the household chores into a workout, you can make cleaning a game. Invite your roommate, siblings, and other family members. Keep a point chart somewhere. Assign each cleaning assignment in the house with equivalent of points. The one who completes the challenge gets the points. The one who has the most points will get a reward.  

  1. Clean Against the Clock 

Another amazing modification to the cleaning activities is using a timer. This way, you can see who cleans the fastest as a cleaning game. You can additionally use a timer to encourage your self to finish quicker. For example, assign a goal time for every cleaning project that needs to be done in that day. Don’t forget to reward yourself if ever you achieve your goal.  

  1. Play Music 

Whether you like slow music, loud music, classical music, and pop music, listening to such tracks leads to mood improvement. Cleaning is a monotonous task, however dancing, singing, and twirling to the track can make the task enjoyable. So, do not think twice of singing the song while you clean. 

  1. Make it Into a Workout 

Did you recognize that cleansing burns fats and calories? When you clean, you are up on your feet, climbing up and down, carrying something and lifting. This can become your physical activity can translate to a great exercise!  Aim to go many steps every time if you prefer to turn your cleaning activities into a workout. For example, you can opt to hire swimming pool service for cleaning your pool, but you can also join and have some fun.  

  1. Create a Household Chore List 

A chore listing may no longer appear like fun, but you can use one to minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning, organize your cleaning habits, and give prizes to whoever finishes the routine in time. It’s a great way to get everyone involved. This household chore can be used to encourage your family members to volunteer for a task.  

  1. Get Your Kids Involved 

Your kids can be wonderfully innovative and fun. They do not like tasks like these, and most of the time they don’t see the point of doing it. Ask them for thoughts on how to make cleaning a fun, fast and easy task. You would be surprised that they are able to think of effective and modern solutions. One of the satisfactory ways to make cleaning fun is to get the younger ones to help you create a game that will improve your way of assigning tasks.   

With greater supporting hands, the tasks may also become easier and faster for everyone. You can even build a closer relationship through giving your children time to talk about what’s bothering them. Think about this activity to learn more about your kids.  

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A wood deck has an average of 10 to 15 years life expectancy but many of that deck that already exceeded their life expectancy are still in use although it could be extremely unsafe. Proper regular maintenance and inspection of your deck are highly required for the possibilities of getting a fatal injury are endless when this deck collapsed. 

Here are some tips and warning signs to help you recognize if you will need a for repair soon. 

Loosening of Connectors and Corrosion
Due to natural wear and tear and also because of harsh weather, main deck connectors become degraded over time. Replace a rusty fastener for it can cause faster deterioration of the surrounding wood. Properly check and ensure that all fasteners including screws and nails and anchors are tight. 

Decaying or Rotting Wood 

Wooden deck’s life expectancy is not very long because they are exposed to the elements especially if it always raining, can cause the wood to rot easily and also degrade over time. The signs of decay will likely to show up first on the area of the deck where there are rain puddles. This is an easy problem than can be resolve by replacing only the wood with signs of decay. However, if one part of the deck already started to rot, it is most likely that you will need to rebuild your deck because it probably has reached its maximum lifespan. 

By just using a long screwdriver, a professional inspector can check for rotten deck but you can also inspect your deck by using your finger. First, you start at areas that are wrinkled and stained. If the wood will start to collapse even if you are only applying pressure with your finger, or they are soft to touch or something squishy, it means that the wood is already deteriorating and your wooden deck is no longer stable. Be sure to check your wooden deck in several different areas, areas that are often damp are crucial to the stability of the structure so pay special attention in areas like this especially if the area is in the presence of connectors.  

Cracks in the Wood
As wooden deck ages, it is common to have cracks on the wood but large cracks could weaken the deck which can later turn into risk and the collapse of the structure and this is because cracks allows water into the wood which is the cause of decay. Even with regular sealing and coating with preservative, cracks still happen. 

Stairs and Railings
Ensure that the banisters and railings are firmly secure in place. The higher your deck is, the more important it will be. Also inspect all risers that they are securely in place and not decayed. 

Injuries from deck collapse could be serious so be sure to properly maintain your deck and do inspection regularly especially if it is near in the end of its lifespan. Being aware of this will keep your family and friends safe. 

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