What You Should Know About Acupuncture

If you’re an avid follower of Chinese medicine, then you should know all about acupuncture. If you aren’t, then you must know that acupuncture is a method of balancing the body’s qi and chi forces with the use of needles.  

In an acupuncture treatment session, the patient is asked to lie down on a table whether on their side, front, or back. It will depend on the area where the needles will be inserted. In this method, the acupuncturist is to use sterile, disposable, and single-use needles. As the needles are inserted, the patient will feel a brief tingling or stinging sensation. 

Acupuncture at Work  

Upon inserting the needle, the patient will feel some occasional dull pain on the area. But then, it will subside after a few seconds. By then, there won’t be any pain felt anymore, thus making the procedure virtually painless. In some other methods, the needles will be stimulated by electricity or duly heated for better effect. 

Once the needles are inserted, they will stay there for up to 30 minutes. The frequency of treatments depends on the patientThose suffering from chronic conditions may require up to two treatments each week for the next few months. Those with acute health problems may only need eight therapy sessions. 

Risks of Acupuncture  

It’s true that there are mild risks associated with acupuncture, but then, all therapies have them. One of the risks associated with acupuncture is bleeding. That means people with bleeding disorders should not try this treatment procedure or there may be some undesirable effects. The same is true for those who are taking blood thinning medications. 

If you undergo acupuncture, you have to expect that there might be soreness, bleeding, and bruising on the areas where the needles are inserted. It’s also important that these needles are duly sterilized or they may cause infections. So if you want to consult with an acupuncturist Brisbane, be sure that they are duly licensed.  

What You Should Know  

Although small needles are used in the procedure, there are very rare cases wherein they damage or break an organ. It may also cause the lung to collapse, although again, these are very rare cases. Even so, it helps that you know all the risk factors.  

In the US, acupuncture needles are duly regulated as medical devices. Therefore, they have to be manufactured and labeled according to the set standards. All the needles used for acupuncture should be nontoxic and sterile, and they should only be used by licensed practitioners. 

Where to find an Acupuncturist 

There may be an acupuncturist practicing near you. If not, you can always check the directory of your local area. What’s more important is for you to determine if the acupuncturist is duly licensed Check their background and affiliations to be sure. In some places, acupuncturists are duly licensed. Simply contact the board to get some referrals when it comes to finding acupuncturists near youThey should be able to give you a good list of practitioners to work with, along with details about their training and experience.  

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