Installing Smoke Detectors and Surge Protectors

There are at least two things every home should have to prevent the instances of a house fire. These are smoke detectors and surge protectors. Both of these are essential devices should be installed in your home if you really care for your family and property. 

To know more about smoke detectors and surge protectors, it is highly encouraged that you speak to expert electrical contractors Bend Oregon about them. By doing so, you’ll learn the important role of these two devices and you won’t have second thoughts about adding them to your home.  

Installing Smoke Detectors  

Smoke detectors are designed to determine if there’s a fire at home. With them installed and reporting the incident to the proper authorities, the possibility of the house fire rising into an alarming rate is decreased. The house fire will be extinguished fast, thus keeping damage at minimal.   

There are many reasons why fires start and the most fatal ones are usually those that are not expected. Older homes may have just a few smoke detector installed and they’re battery operated. If you forget to change the battery, then the detectors won’t work. That’s going to be a risk so these systems should be tested monthly.   

If your smoke detectors still work that way, then you must consider upgrading to a newer type. These days, smoke detectors are hard-wired and interconnected to each other. This means the whole system is triggered if one of them detects fire. But more importantly, a battery backup present for added protection.   

However, even if your smoke detector is modern, you should still run a regular monthly check. This is because dirt, dust, and insects can get into the holes and cause malfunctions. Cleaning of the smoke detectors is necessary.   

Installing Surge Suppressors 

If your home is prone to power surges caused by lighting, then you need to install a good surge suppressor. It will not just protect your appliances, devices, and equipment, but it will also protect your home from a possible fire.  

Surge protectors are tasked to prevent power surges. Power surges harm electronic appliances in homesThere are surge suppressors that connect to the main electric panel coming off the circuit breaker. It may sit directly between the panel and the meter or be plugged into the electrical outlet that it is protecting.  

Electrical fluctuations are constant in some homes, too. One sign that indicates that fluctuations occur in your home is if your light bulb wears out quicker than normal. If this is the case, then they become a constant threat to your electrical and electronic equipment. You have to talk to a qualified electrician to help you install this device in your home.  

Surge protectors are also useful against voltage surges and spikes, which in turn, are caused by blown transformers and lightning. Downed power lines and power grid switching are common culprits as well. Surge protectors are best used on appliances with big motors, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, refrigerators, compressors, and washing machines, among others.  

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