5 Frequently Asked Electrical Questions

At Electrician Oak Park, we would like to ensure that our customers have as much information regarding the work that we do as much as we can so that they could create better choices about the quality and safety of their homes. Responding to inquiries is never a hassle, however, we always want to guarantee that information, which could protect your property can be accessed easily. Because of this, we’ve gathered this list of the 5 most frequently asked electrical inquiries that we receive from customers about home electricity.

What does “Short-Circuit” mean? 

In most electrical systems, there’s a hot wire that transmits the electrical current. A short circuit happens once this wire becomes grounded. This could occur once a wire becomes exposed, loose, or frayed, which causes the electricity to deter from its indicated path. Short circuits could produce sparks and heat and are commonly hazardous. However, an updated electrical system would cause the breaker to trip once these issues take place. 

What is the difference between a breaker and a fuse? 

Bothe breakers and fuse are placed to attain the similar task. In an electrical circuit, once a fault is sensed, both devices will break the electricity’s flow. As fuses blow out and require to be substituted each time they perform their job, a circuit breaker is simply a switch that could be flipped when the issue is fixed.  

What are the GFCI Outlets? 

These outlets are special electrical outlets that are intended to shut off to stop electrical shock if moisture is existent. They can sense changes in an electrical circuit and if any changes happen, they trip the power supply. GFCI outlets are usually present in garages, kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor applications. They have a small button that will let you reset the outlet easily once it trips.  

Why do my lights flicker? 

You must always contact your electrician if your lights are usually flickering just in a single fixture or throughout your home. In several situations, light flickers due to an outdated electrical system, and your electrical wiring or panel would require to be changed. In other instances, it could be because of not enough supply, a loose wire or another appliance on a circuit that draws too much power. In any circumstance, the best thing to do is to let a licensed electrician diagnose the problem. 

How do I know if my electrical panel is not safe? 

The most reliable and fastest way to determine if an electrical panel is not safe is to contact an electrician. Also, you can check the brand and compare it with reviews you can find on the Internet. Electrical panels that were installed for more than 20 yrs. ago must be replaced.  

If you want to look for more answered frequently asked electrical questions, or to discuss any of our residential or commercial services, contact us or visit Electrician Oak Park. Our certified electricians will definitely be pleased to work with any electrical projects that you are up to regardless of its size all across Oak Park, IL. 



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